Engineering Service

- Conceptual/Feasibility Studies
- Front End Engineering Designs
- Detailed Engineering Designs (DED)
- Project Management, Construction & Supervision
- Offshore Construction and Maintenance
- Subsea Engineering

DBESL delivers cost-effective solutions to Clients to maximize their assets, improve competitive positioning, and increase long-term business success. DBESL engineering capabilities comprise proven processes and best practices available 24/7 via its award-winning knowledge-management system. This system connects DBESL engineers and technical experts around the globe, providing a collaboration tool for solutions to complex project challenges. More importantly, DBESL executes all projects with paramount consideration for the health, safety, and environmental well being of all current and future project participants and stakeholders. DBESL engineering expertise is global, with office locations in 29 countries on six continents. Our engineering offices provide design, engineering, procurement, and construction management support to other DBESL offices throughout the world in the execution of projects.

• Conceptual/Feasibility Studies

Our Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies focus on evaluating our client’s prospective business investment and developing a project scope to meet identified needs.
Our study will include market demand information, trends and growth potential, as well as identification of potential obstacles and how the conceptual designs will overcome those barriers. Our main aim is to analyze and develop creative solutions that are productive with economics values and provide a ROI (return on investment) for clients. Our consultants are familiar with latest know-hows/ technology and services to design seamless solutions that meet client’s needs. Our Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies will form an opening for the scope of work and functional specifications to provide a well-defined beginning for a project Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

• Front End Engineering Designs

After good Conceptual design / Feasibility study, we proceed to the FEED design, which focuses more on technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project.
The FEED will be divided into separate packages covering different portions of client’s project. The FEED package is what the client will use as the basis for bidding the Execution Phase Contracts (EPC, EPCI, etc.) and is used as the design basis. DBESL FEED will reflect all the clients project specific requirements and avoid significant changes during the execution phase. The client to can use the FEED;
• Evaluate options that will improve the return on assets (ROA)
• Conduct hazardous operations reviews
• Support internal funding requirements
• Develop the engineering design packages that can be used to bid a lump sum EPC scope and / or provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase
• Prepare cost estimates for scope definition and for project funding

• Detailed Engineering Designs (DED)

DED usually follows from FEED engineering activities; detailed engineering executes the full definition of project requirements in terms of facility and equipment specification, materials, construction and installation. DBESL offers complete detailed process design packages of all types of development facilities for onshore and offshore oil and gas fields, from wellheads to treatment centers. We provide detailed engineering support to clients through long-term process engineering services contracts. We are totally focused on delivering value to our clients and our role in the project is typically determined through proactive discussion with client as part of an open and honest relationship.

Project Management, Construction & Supervision

The objective of the project management and supervision of the construction projects is to guarantee good-quality implementation of the construction project with optimal costs pursuant to the contract agreement, technical standards and norms. As an expert in project management, we offer client extensive experience in all aspects of construction and supervision. With this, we help clients reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule. We can help you meet all applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client based. Our project management services provide you with comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for all types of projects – no matter the size or location. With our versatile and multi-disciplinary team, we provide our clients with trusted project management.

Offshore Construction and Maintenance

DBESL Offshore construction and maintenance Services serves the offshore oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria. We have abundant, skilled manpower reserve complemented by an extensive, well maintained equipment and tool inventory, as well as facilities to become a major service provider in the offshore construction industry.
DBESL proven performance has allowed the company to participate in many of the highest profile projects occurring in the offshore industry. These projects have included: major interconnecting piping hook-ups, tension leg platform topsides fabrication and hook-ups, FPSO construction and maintenance.
DBESL highly skilled crews and equipment can quickly mobilize to any shore-base. Seasoned offshore superintendents add the innovative expertise to complete projects in the safest, most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Subsea Engineering

- Subsea Production Systems Design
- Subsea Umbilical Riser and Flow line (SURF/URL/UFL)
- Flow Assurance Studies
- Subsea Template Design Instrumentation